Road to I Do: The Best Wedding Card Templates for 2021

Wedding planning is incredibly time and resource-intensive. While a wedding planner can certainly make things easier, there are still many things that you’ll need to manage by yourself. You mustn’t neglect them if you want your wedding to retain its personal touch. One of these elements is the all-important search for the best wedding card templates.

A common misconception personalized wedding invitations have is that it has to be done by yourself. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might end up creating a poorly made invitation. More often than not, it will end up becoming a sour note for an otherwise meticulously planned wedding.

How to Choose a Wedding Card Template

Hiring a designer for your wedding invitation is a possible option, but it’s out of the question for those of us running on a tight budget. Thankfully, we still have another choice. We can make use of wedding card templates!

Wedding invitation templates are an excellent alternative to consider, as it provides us with numerous budget-friendly invitation designs to consider. As a plus, couples who want to do things themselves will welcome this option– even those with little to no design experience.

With the right website, we’re sure to get only top-notch templates for our weddings. For example, TemplateMonkey is an excellent site to use, given the vast array of wedding invitation designs available in the site’s catalog– all for the most affordable prices.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the options template sites provide, you can always look to guides for a better starting point. In this case, this guide briefs us on how to select the right template for your wedding.

Without further ado, here are the various styles that you’ll likely encounter and should consider.



If you don’t know where to start, you can always go with what’s already tried and tested. Traditional wedding card templates are still an excellent choice for those who prefer the classics. 

A common misconception these templates have is that they’re too plain. However, with the right font and color palette, traditional wedding invitations will still be able to stand out. 

This template lends to the love-filled atmosphere felt during wedding days. The simple coral base and subtle leaf motifs exude an understated elegance, further boosted by the usage of serif fonts in depicting event details. The choice of coral as the predominant color is exquisite, given its closeness to the colors of love: red and pink. Meanwhile, the classic print fonts boost the readability of the design. 

Overall, this invitation may be minimalist, but a stylish choice, nonetheless. 

A traditional invitation can also be made more interesting with the use of borders, which we can see below.

If you want a little more flair for your invitation, you might be more interested in this wedding invitation design. This template uses a white and gold theme, as well as a border made of gold flowers. Combined, it creates a look of sophistication that many soon-to-be-weds aspire for their weddings. The layout is composed of a serif font, with the details divided into numerous boxes. You’ll not only have a classy invitation but also present your wedding information in an easy-to-read fashion.


If you’re looking for a cleaner and modern looking wedding invitation template, then you might be more into minimalist designs. This type of template emphasizes the information through the combination of vast white spaces, striking fonts, and very few design elements. 

Take, for example, this orange wedding invitation template. With one look, you can see that it places great importance on the couple’s names, thanks to the big, blocky font used in the design. It’s the same case with the date of the wedding, which comes in a similar format. 

The large serif font is easy to read and goes well with the overall color scheme. Meanwhile, the other details are displayed in a smaller, sans serif font that is still readable despite its small size. 

Considering the templates above, we can gather that minimalist wedding card templates are often unembellished, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t personalize them to the fullest. See the next template:

This emerald and gold wedding invitation template offers a uniquely stylish way of accentuating your wedding details. You and your partner’s name are presented in a cursive font, which completes and boosts the overall theme. Meanwhile, the other information is written in a smaller, sans serif font so that it won’t take away attention from the main focus of the invitation.


If you truly want your wedding invitation to shine (pun intended), then metallic invitations should be high up on your list of possible templates to use. This wedding invitation design’s most distinct detail is the use of foil in printing, which often comes in silver and gold. It’s one of the most unique and best wedding card templates.

Take a look at the few templates below that can take advantage of this unique design factor.

This masquerade themed wedding card template can also serve as an excellent metallic invitation. The black, silver, and gold color scheme contrasts nicely with each other. Meanwhile, the floral motif lends a sense of elegance to the overall design. Finally, the mix of serif and sans serif fonts ties the invitation together.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors when it comes to metallic designs. As long as you use darker colors for the background, the foil part of your invitation will surely stand out. A great example of this is the template below:

Purple is a color often associated with royalty. You can further emphasize this notion with this invitation’s purple palette and gold fonts. The serif typeface also helps enhance the classiness this invitation exudes, making it an excellent choice for weddings with elegant themes.


Let’s say minimalist or loud wedding designs aren’t your cups of tea. Maybe you want a wedding invitation that’s delicately put together. In this case, you may want to use floral templates for your Big Day. 

Floral invitations focus on incorporating floral and other natural elements in the design. Couples can also learn more about the flower language and combine it with their base template for a more meaningful look. 

These floral wedding invitation templates feature a flower focal point and cursive fonts, which create a soft and stylish feel. While the flowers catch the eye, it still doesn’t detract from the invitation’s important information. You can even mix styles for the first example and print the font in gold foil.

Flower designs need not be separated from other elements of the invitation. You can also intersperse them throughout the card, such as the one below.

Daisies are flowers that symbolize new beginnings. Couples can celebrate the start of their life together with this floral wedding template design. Its information can still be distinguished easily, thanks to its light-colored print fonts. More importantly, the flowers aren’t too overwhelming for the invitation.


Making an invitation memorable doesn’t need to rely on visual appeal. Sometimes, you can also go tactile. Textured wedding cards can be done in two forms: through the invitation paper material or through embossing or debossing it. Here are some templates that can benefit from either. 

This pastel-colored template will benefit from using textured paper, as the rough feeling will complement the design quite nicely. As a plus, the discernible cursive and sans serif fonts also play a part in bringing the template’s theme together.

For more minimalistic card designs, such as the one below, embossed or debossed text will help bring focus to the wedding details. 

This minimalist card style features a design with a marbled background and gold text. With the book printed to be metallic and debossed, you’ll get an invitation appealing to both sight and touch.


For a memorable and three-dimensional wedding invitation, the acrylic style is the way to go. Acrylic invitations are made of thick plastic material, with the details painted on the plate. Invitations with few elements are sure to make the most of this design.

This simple floral invitation template is perfect for a transparent, acrylic invitation. The combination of cursive and serif fonts make for an understated and stylish theme. 

Acrylic invitations can also make use of a splash of color instead of just black and white. The next template is one such example.

This wedding invitation template uses black and pink text, with a bit of floral flair. Printing this on an acrylic plate will bring attention to the wedding details more quickly, with the pink flower and text especially becoming highlighted. 

These are only a select few wedding card templates that soon-to-be-weds can use as invitations. If you find yourself leaning towards a design but wish to alter it further, you’re in luck cause TemplateMonkey offers the option to customize any template of choice.

With that being said, wedding invitation templates give all of us an excellent creative launching pad. The right template choice will show that we don’t need to shell out large amounts of money to arrive at stunning designs. Take advantage of this fact and shop for the template that you and your partner absolutely adore.

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