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Birthday Invitation Card Design 101: Easy Tips to Nail Your Next Invite

Birthdays are milestones worth celebrating with your loved ones. It’s not as easy as buying food, playing some music, and calling it a day, though. You’ll need to plan it extensively, down to the finest details – like what the perfect birthday card invitation design is.

The invitation is one of the elements that you should handle yourself. If you’re someone who’s used to DIY-ing their invitation designs, consider stepping it up this year and using a template as the basis for your design—here are a few reasons why.

Why You Should Work With Design Templates

It can accommodate both paper and digital invitations

Nowadays, paperless invitations are preferred by many since they’re easier to send and don’t need many materials to create. However, nothing can beat the personal touch a traditional paper invitation carries. Deciding on which medium you’re going with is no issue—except when you need to switch due to a sudden change of plans.

If you’re going from physical to digital, then you’ll need to break down your invitation into parts and consider it from a computerized point of view. For digital to physical, you’ll need to figure out what materials you require to replicate the same visual effect in real life. 

Fortunately, birthday invitation templates will make either process easier. If you’re organized from the get-go, you can accommodate any changes that may happen.

It’s easier to manipulate the invitation’s elements

A person’s workflow varies depending on the individual. If you’re the deal-with-it-as-it-comes sort, then you’ll have a more challenging time revising your invitation. In the worst-case scenario, your birthday plans can be delayed due to design troubles.

You can easily avoid design organization problems if you use invitation card templates. Each element is labeled and sorted properly. If something about the template’s design feels lacking, you can easily modify it to fit until you’re satisfied.

It gets you started with a good design foundation

If you create your invitations yourself, then you might have experience in design. No matter how skilled you may be, though, nothing beats an invitation that a professional designer has created. They know what works in design, and they have the technical knowledge to understand why. That’s what puts their work leagues ahead of novice work.

Professional designers don’t just work with bespoke invitations, however. They also create templates. If you start your design using the best invitation templates, then the card you create will be top-notch. However, it’s worth noting that producing an excellent invitation is only possible if you get your templates from the right website.

For example, TemplateMonkey is a company that offers a wide range of invitation templates in various styles and layouts. They guarantee that you’ll be able to find the perfect design for your birthday invitation on their website. 

Given a diverse set of templates, it’s no surprise that some have trouble deciding on the template they want. There’s no need to worry. You can get started by learning about some of the most common birthday invitation card designs.


5 Most Popular Invitation Card Design Themes


The classic invitation design is something that holds a place in the design community, even today. It’s suited for simple and straightforward events. Beginners are more than welcome to start with these designs, especially if they haven’t had the chance to figure out their design preferences yet.

This template keeps it simple and elegant with its dark background and gold border. The script and sans serif fonts tie together with the layout nicely, leading to an overall stylish feel.

A princess-themed birthday party deserves the appropriate invitation design as well. This pink and gold themed template is perfect for the little princess (or princess at heart) in the family. 


Lively birthday parties deserve an energetic invitation as well, and adding a splash of color to your invitation is the easiest way to achieve that vibe. Here are a few different ways it can work.

This playful invitation template has quite a colorful background and text, but the white backgrounds and frames keep it neat. With the use of decorative and sans serif fonts, the party’s details can easily be seen.

Colorful invitations need not be vibrant always — they can also be delicate. This template achieves just that with its star-studded, multicolored, gradient background. The cake graphic and script font add a touch of softness to the already dainty theme.

Character Themed

There’s nothing better for children (and children at heart) than a birthday party that features their favorite character. The graphic of said character need not be the focal point, though.

Frozen is a well-loved movie, and its cast of characters even more so. This birthday invitation is perfect for Frozen themed parties with its blue and white color palette. Elsa, Anna, and Olaf’s illustrations capture the viewer’s attention without detracting from the party details.

This template is another way of doing character-themed invitations. The character isn’t part of the focus but instead highlights the details of the party. As a plus, the pink and white theme matches the color palette of the character.


Only a few things can rival the beauty of flowers. For an elegant and delicate themed invitation, floral templates are the way to go.

When people say pretty in pink, this template is one of the few things that can come to mind. This floral invitation template features a border of pink flowers set against a white background. The pink and black serif and sans serif fonts, meanwhile, compliment the theme.

Floral invitation templates can also come in the form of graphics. This colorful vector invitation design features leaves and flowers of various colors, all on a white background. The straightforward design may be simple, but it works well in highlighting the party details.


Photos are the best ways to share a moment. With graphic-focused invitation templates, you’ll be able to let invitees get a glimpse of what your celebration will be like.

There’s nothing more appetizing than seeing a meal spread on an invitation. This template is perfect for breakfast birthdays, with its background comprising various tasty meals. It’s tall and narrow typeface suits the theme well.

If you’re looking for a more upbeat feel, then this invitation is just what you need. The party-themed graphic, along with the purple gradient background, works well to create a lively theme. Finally, the white accents and details contrast nicely with the background.

After reading through this list, you should be able to settle on a template that you’re at least interested in altering. However, the invitation creation process doesn’t end there.

Important Invitation Design Tips

Selecting the right template is just the first part of creating the perfect birthday invitation. It would help if you still modified it so that it suits your event. Here are some things you should always consider when it comes to improving your invitation’s design. 

Include all the necessary details

One of the disadvantages of using a template is that it limits the details you can add to your invitation. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your invitation has complete information. Make sure to check for these.

Start with the essentials. These include the event’s purpose, the start and end time, the venue, and the clothing style. Next are the additional instructions. These can vary depending on the type of birthday you’re having, which is why some may not apply to you. 

The first is whether or not your invitee can bring someone else. Next are special instructions that are determined by the event. Finally, it would be best if you also informed them of the food being served. On a similar note, you can also request their food allergy information, in case the preparation of the food for the event hasn’t been done yet.

Work with a cohesive visual theme

Before you get caught up in the frantic rush of planning an event, don’t forget to finalize your birthday party’s overall theme. Keeping the theme in mind at all times will help you manage your event better and guide you when it comes to making important decisions. 

A theme affects most, if not all, aspects of your event. That also includes your invitation. When designing your invitation, you should choose and adjust your template according to your selected theme. With the aforementioned types of templates, you’ll have a better idea of which birthday invitation will suit your event best.

Pay attention to your layout

Experienced designers might be dissatisfied with merely choosing a birthday invitation card design and altering a few details here and there. If that’s the case for you, then here’s how you can further modify your invitation to your tastes.

Color Me Surprised

The best way to make an invitation eye-catching is to make its colors pop. Use a vibrant color palette if you want your event to feel fun and lighthearted from just the invitation card alone. Besides using bright colors, contrasting ones are also a good choice to consider. Contrasting colors are ones that are opposite each other in the color wheel. Some examples of these pairs are red and orange, as well as blue and teal.

Font-astic Combinations 

Choosing the right font is essential in ensuring that your invitation is read and understood. It also plays a vital role in tying your invitation’s entire theme together. That’s why you should choose fonts that are easy to read and work well with the other elements of your invitation template.

The general rule of thumb is selecting different fonts for the main header, subheader, and body text. Feel free to go wild with your fonts! Mix and match between serifs, sans serifs, and script fonts. Decorative fonts are also on the table, but mostly as main headers.

Picture Perfect

If you’re going with a graphic for your invitation’s focus, these are some tips that you should always keep in mind. Always use the highest quality picture available. If you can, you should also digitally alter your picture so that it fits the theme better. You don’t have to get too technical with it, though. Just go with what feels right for you. 

Creating an invitation needs a lot of skill and consideration. Fortunately, it need not be difficult — you can always make use of the best invitation templates at your disposal. With the right template and a little bit of creativity, any birthday invitation card you create is sure to be the best.

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