Bottoms Up! 13 Drink Menu Templates to Impress Your Customers

The all-important drink menu is a vital element of any business within the food and service industry. Restaurants, cafes, bars, and other establishments can’t do without a menu considering its role in allowing customers a glimpse of what these businesses have to offer. With that said, planning and designing a menu take time, notwithstanding the hours spent finalizing the content itself. That is where drink menu templates come in to save the day.

As clever as this business decision might be, what kind of design is best for your restaurant? And how do you know what categories to insert? Keep reading for our official guide to picking the best drink menu templates.

Thirteen Menu Design Templates To Download

Now that we’re on the topic of design, it’s worth bringing up the age-old question: “Are design templates worth using?” They are. It’s even possible to think of them as the better option compared to graphic design services. Why? Well, for one, they’re readily available. There are so many of them online, the options can get overwhelming at times. Second, they’re easy to use and come in multiple formats for accessibility. Lastly, they’re much cheaper than bespoke designs. 

We have curated some of the best drink menu templates that TemplateMonkey offers for those at a loss and don’t know where to start. 

1. Vibrant Cocktail Menu

This drink menu template is perfect for those who specialize in making cocktail drinks. This menu’s main highlight is the vibrant color scheme using orange, green, and red. In contrast with this, a bright yellow is used for the text to see the details clearly. Finally, it features art that highlights your cocktail drinks.

One look at this menu, which certainly allows you to get a sense of the tropical summer vibes. Let your customers grab a drink now with this menu template!

2. Cocktail Bar Menu

Some cocktail bars like to keep it fun and groovy, and this drink menu template does the job. It features a simple cream background, and to elevate the design; this template has curved cut-outs at the corners to highlight the images of your best selling cocktail drinks. The whole look follows a minty and playful color scheme of pinks with light blue accents.

For those who prefer a cocktail menu design with a groovy and feminine touch, then this might be the one you’re looking for.

3. Cocktail Lounge Menu

Cocktails served in some lounging areas have a more intimate atmosphere, and this drink menu template perfectly captures that essence. This cocktail lounge menu uses a darker color palette with its blurred image of a lounging area for its background.

The design’s foreground is a brightly colored cocktail that creates an eye-catching layout with just a simple image. And with all the elements surrounding the template, this menu uses a san serif font in yellow and white color schemes to keep it balanced. Let customers enjoy your exquisite lounge with this menu.

4. Fresh Cocktail Lounge Menu

Here is a simply refreshing design that pairs nicely with your breezy cocktail lounge. The design only has two main elements, the photo for your most refreshing cocktail and the thin black border that encloses your menu details. The layout of these elements allows details on the menu to look cohesive and reader-friendly. This drink menu template definitely highlights your cocktail drinks because of its light color scheme and its informative details.

5. Chic Cocktail Bar Menu

To divert the customers’ eyes to your bar, you need a drink menu template with a lot of personality. With this Chic Cocktail Bar Menu, you’ll have customers looking because of its striking neon blue accent color.

Another highlight is that this menu uses chalk for the elements within the borders, from the menu items and details to the image of a cocktail drink drawn as a background. The contrast of solid colors and handwritten details make this cocktail menu chic and unique.

6. Simple Bar Menu

Serving cocktails isn’t all about upbeat partying. Sometimes, we just need a light spirit to accompany our laidback escapades. This Simplistic Bar Menu serves that purpose with its rustic and simple design. It features a light color scheme with its peach-colored background mixed with contrasting brown text and minimalist art images.

Finally, the simple design is elevated using a one-sided border that can reflect your bar’s mascot. With this menu, you might catch your customers relaxing on the beachside with light and fruity cocktails.

7. Quaint Cafe Drinks Menu

Another beverage that needs a perfectly themed menu is coffee. Here we have the Quaint Cafe Drinks Menu to suit your dainty minimalist coffee aesthetic. It features a pale pink background, and with the different shades of brown used in the details, this menu highlights the variety of drinks you offer.

The design also uses a mix of serif fonts with different thicknesses making the details easily read. Another highlight is the whole layout of the menu that’s neatly divided into sections with minimalist lines. You have the distinct header at the top and the rest of the menu details below. This, together with the choice of different font faces, create a neat, dainty, and informative drink menu template. 

8. Black Coffee Shop Menu

Sometimes, your drink menu template’s theme stems from the type of beverages you serve. If your cafe’s best selling item is black coffee, then this Black Coffee Shop Menu template might be perfect for you. It features a solid black background with plain text and minimalist graphics using chalk-like texture. It also has a cohesive and simple color scheme that’s easily readable. If you have a taste for a darker aesthetic, you might want to try this template.

9. Vintage Beer Brewery Menu

The art of making drinks isn’t limited to coffee and cocktails, so here is a vintage-looking beer brewery drink menu template. It features a stained, worn-out background with countryside graphic illustrations that add to the whole look. The menu details’ overall look and layout allows you to have an informative beverage menu. This menu’s style is perfect for beers brewed using classic and timeless techniques.

10. Fizzy Brewery Menu

Perhaps the old-word and aged aesthetic isn’t quite your style when it comes to showing off your brewed beer. So here’s a bright, playful, and refreshing design for your next beer menu. It features a bright and vibrant yellow that and at the top of the layout, is the white cloudy foam, which makes the overall look resemble a glass of beer. And to contrast the striking background, this design uses a mix of minimalist fonts in white and dark brown. Nothing’s more enticing than a fun and attractive drink menu template.

11. Green Blooms Winery Menu

Cocktail bars and beer breweries might not be the kind of spirits that entice your taste buds. If your interests fall under the fancier kinds of beverages, then this Wine and Dine menu template might be what you’re looking for.

Although this template’s layout is meant to showcase food menus, the elegant and fancy design can also showcase your wine collection. It features a color palette with different shades of green and a thick border that pairs nicely with a script font face for the details. Finally, this design is meant to feature only a few handpicked and curated items for the menu, making it all the more fanciful.

12. Creative Beverage Bar Menu

The art of creating the perfect beverage is something that should be recognized. With this Creative Beverage Bar Menu, you can showcase your creative process in making your bestselling drinks. This template’s beauty is that it’s versatile to whichever kind of drink you make, may it be cocktails, beer, and even coffee. Along with the minimalist font text used for the details, the highlight of this design is the photos that can show how you make drinks.

13. Chic Coffee Shop Menu

Last on our list is a chic coffee shop menu that tells the viewer what establishment it’s for at a glance. This is accomplished thanks to the stunning coffee bean background that comes with the template. Atop this photo background is an earthy, translucent base that perfectly highlights the menu items. Content comes in various clean, neat fonts that make for a classic, readable look. 

There are many others to choose from, of course. Restaurateurs wanting more options need only go through the website catalog and use specific search terms that fit their end goals. 


Check Out TemplateMonkey

Drink menu templates may be highly accessible for those without a design background, but it’s still easy to stumble during the editing process. One way to prevent any mishaps is by following the skeleton outline that comes with all designs.

This skeleton outline takes the form of the content made up of text, images, and graphics. We don’t need to follow the outline to the letter, but using it as a basis, say, for the organization, will lead to less time agitating over the design. 

Another thing to remember, one that ends things off, is that drink menu templates are just that—drink menu templates. We’re free to do whatever we want with our chosen designs, provided that they’re within brand restrictions. So, if the colors, fonts, or even graphics don’t agree with the image that we have established, it’s best to replace them with styles that do.

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