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20+ Amazing Hair Stylist Business Card Templates

Promoting and growing your hair salon business requires a tool that creates a channel between you and your customers. That tool? A hair stylist business card can make it easier for you to connect with potential and current clients.

Are you still doubtful about business cards and what they can do to improve your business? While digital means of keeping in contact work for some industries, there’s a level of connection between hair stylist and client that can only be sustained through old-school methods of keeping in touch.

Business cards have such a personal charm that swapping contacts through smartphones can’t obtain. The eye-to-eye moment between you and your prospect is much more powerful than just sending out contact info via text or email.  

Templates Are the Answer! Why?

The process of design and reproducing your own business cards can be tough. With that in mind, TemplateMonkey is enthusiastic about offering beautifully-designed hair stylist business cards. Ready-made templates are cost-effective, convenient, and they’re super easy to use and customize.

Ready to find the business card for you? Check out TemplateMonkey’s top hair stylist business cards:

1. Hair Salon Business Card

If you are looking for a purple-theme business card for your salon, this is a perfect choice. It has a classy mauve shade that dominates the layout with a lighter rosy pink for the accents. It keeps it simple with its easily legible typeface. You can freely try out and edit the template today!

2. Hair & Cosmetics Business Card

As a part of the beauty industry, your business card design needs to make a striking impact. This layout has a beige background with powerful orange accents and fonts that draw your prospects’ eyes to your contact card. Give your prospective customers a glimpse of your wondrous works with this attractive design!

3. Luxurious Hair Salon Business Card

Give your business card a warm and stylish look when you use this template. The serif fonts for the brand name add an element of style. You can’t deny that the burnt orange and peach color combination is undeniably attractive. Quickly create your own business card with this template.

4. Barber Business Card

A dark shade in a business card is the easiest way to call people’s attention. Black is so robust that it can make people look and examine the document. This card has a full-on black background with brown and white accents to contrast against it. You’ll definitely have the smoothest editing experience with this template.

5. Fun Beauty Salon Business Card

This template is another work of art. The graphic illustration of a woman with long hair is its main attraction. It lets you feature your branding over it. The backside is the continuation of the hair where you can lay your contact information. You surely wouldn’t find this anywhere. Take a copy now!

6. Personal Stylist Business Card

This business card template offers a preppy design for your beauty salon. The beige and white background is its fetching power. It has easy-to-read and straightforward fonts, which is the most effective way to display contact information.  Make sure you download this template; it is highly editable!

7. Colorful MUA Business Card

Do you need to have a bright business card to get attention? This template certainly thinks so. The orange shade blended with the mint color helps you give your prospects a way to remember you. It leaves some white space which can be a useful way to keep it well-balanced. Making modifications in this template is easy peasy. Grab it now!

8. Cool Barber Shop Business Card

You can’t question that this business card is the perfect fit for barbers. Its border mimics a barber pole with red, blue, and white stripes. Since the frame only has red and white, the blue is smeared all over the background on the front side design. Get this template today!

9. Beauty Salon Business Card

Is your salon all about glamour? Well then, you just found a suitable business card for you. The pink and gold color combination is all you need to create an alluring business card design. But of course, it tones it down using a simplistic typeface for an easy-to-read look.

10. Beauty Parlor Business Card

Make it a priority to leave a lasting impression with the help of your business card design. A design like this one with pinks shade will let the recipient retrieve the memory of you. 

11. Pink Hairdresser’s Business Card

Do you fancy this business card? There is no doubt about that. Its simplistic fonts over the pink and beige color as the background are the winners.  A display of a flower-like graphic illustration injects creativity.  

12. Beauty Studio Business Card

Give your salon business card a fabulous redo with this template. Its exhilarating green color palette pleases the eyes of your recipients. Meanwhile, the user’s contact info is cleanly placed on a white surface on the second page.

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13. Women’s Salon Business Card

Shine with this ombre neon color business card. The orange transitioning to bright pink color is something that will make your potential customers remember your brand. You should secure a copy of this today!

14. Minimalist Salon Business Card

Boost your salon business with a business card template that stands out. The dark green with the metallic gold looks unique and creates a luxe design. The use of simple fonts makes it the ideal layout you should get.

15. Stylish Barber Business Card

This monochromatic hair stylist business card will leave your clients impressed by how clean yet sophisticated it is. It focuses on letting you showcase your branding on the front page with all the white spaces.

16. Pink Makeup Artist Info Card

Want to generate a soft and gentle brand for your salon? Then you should get this business card design. The light pink hues are undeniably pleasing to look at.

17. Cool Barbershop Business Card

Want to incorporate masculinity in your barber business card? Blue and black colors can be the perfect instruments to achieve it. Diagonal designs made of macho colors control the background. At the same time, an opaque black sheet holds the contents in a reader-friendly way. 

18. Assistant Barber Business Card

This template’s barber pole design will instantly send a message to your recipient of the type of business you have. A clean white background with navy blue accents can help you promote your brand, while a pair of scissors with broken lines creatively separate the elements on the back.

19. Fun Hair & Salon Business Card

Are you leaning toward a soft look for your beauty salon business card? Grab a copy of this pink hair stylist business card template. Its portrait orientation is something different.  The perfect shade of pink produces a sense of style and beauty. 

20. Pink Hairdresser Business Card

Want to go chic for your salon business? You have to grab this template that uses light pink tints with tons of white spaces. The graphic silhouette of a girl gives style and grace to your beauty-related business. Plus, it is easy to use so that you can edit your details in no time.

21. Barbershop Business Card

Create a luxe feel for your business with this ready-made template. The dark background offers a premium look and hints at your client to your one-of-a-kind hair services. The goldish fonts and the stylish borders will not let you down. Click the photo to get a copy of this hair stylist business card template!

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