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National Dentist’s Day 2021: 10 Templates for Our Teeth Saviors

It’s a beautiful day to save smiles! National Dentist’s Day is a professional holiday celebrated on March 6th of every year. It is the ideal event to offer our appreciation and thanks to professionals who help us keep our teeth healthy.

Dental specialists are usually not individuals we anticipate seeing. Many of us would feel anxious before visiting our dentist, and the simple sight of a dental seat makes us uneasy. However, when the dentist’s work is completed, we truly value what they have done to guarantee our teeth’ wellbeing.

On National Dentist’s Day, we commend all orthodontists, regular dental surgeons, periodontists, pediatric dental specialists, prosthodontists, dental assistants, dental hygienists, dental advisors, and dental technicians.

So if you fall on one of these dental health experts and are looking for cost-effective and editable brochures, business cards, and logo templates for the upcoming professional holiday, we got you covered! In this section, we will browse through assorted templates, each with its own given designs. You can use this to advertise your dental health care business, especially this upcoming professional holiday!

Ditch the Humdrum Taglines

Before we get down to business on the creative part of this section, let’s brainstorm some taglines that we can use for your brochures, flyers, logos, and business cards first! Compelling marketing and ground-breaking slogans are significant in each industry; orthodontists and dental professionals are no exemption. While numerous dental specialists appreciate working with clients and are keen on their work, crafting marketing plans present a few difficulties.

Though simple catchphrases like “Keep your teeth healthy!” works great, there are many other taglines for your business that can simply catch the attention of potential patients. If you already have a slogan of your own, that’s perfect! If not, below are some eye-catching taglines that you can use for your flyers, brochures, and everything else! 

  • “Your smile is our craft”
  • “Brush three times a day, to keep the dentist away”
  • “Let’s make your perfect smile”
  • “A better life. A charming smile.”
  • “Bringing life to your smile”

Apart from these taglines, you can also add additional information to your brochures and flyers like discount rates, business hours, business address, and maybe even fun dental activities for kids! 

An efficient tagline for a dental practice will achieve a wide variety of core audience. The tagline is helpful in traditional marketing and is also a fundamental element when optimizing social media to acquire new potential patients. The tagline should target the practice’s focal point, whether it be general dentistry or specialized dental care.

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Beautiful Templates for Dental Professionals

If you’re not confident with your designing and art skills, that’s okay! This is why templates are made easier and more convenient to edit. Here at TemplateMonkey, you get to browse assorted editable templates that you can use for any occasion. And we do have template designs specially crafted for dental health specialists for the upcoming National Dentist’s Day this year.

Cool Blue

The color blue can pass on a feeling of trust, understanding, and cleanliness. It can also convey that you’re calm, cool, and collected. Notable for its composed appearance, blue is a simple way to improve your branding, just like is seen in these templates below:

Cosmetic Dentist Business Card

An ideal tooth with a brilliant golden crown on top of it extends a picture of esteemed oral health. The simple blue background makes this business card look appealing and elegant. This business card is perfect for you if you’re in the industry of providing high quality professional cosmetic dental service. A royal smile is just what everyone needs. Perfect for National Dentist’s Day! Download the Cosmetic Dentist business card template now.

Dental Clinic Brochure

If you don’t have a brochure for your dental center, this template is for you! It has an ideal design with a blue shade that portrays trust and proficiency, the notable traits of a dental health specialist like you! It incorporates an all around systemized plan that extensively includes your business data like your contact information, duty, insight, and the services you provide. Don’t miss out on this beautiful editable dental clinic brochure template; download this now.

Neat Dental Clinic Business Card

The business card is a significant part of any brand. Dental facilities can profit from the spotless look this design has to bring to the table. The blue and white theme and slick text styles make a strong look that catches potential clients’ interest. The card’s forefront highlights a tooth logo along with the slogan and the name of your dental facility. On the other side of the card, the white space is where you input your clinic’s information. A remarkable business card like this is something you should get your hands on. Get this today and prepare it for National Dentist’s Day!

How About A Touch of Green?

Green is a color that represents growth and abundance. Step up the green shade and use it to create a buzz about the services that you offer in your dental clinic, like the templates below: 

Green Dental Practice Flyer

This business flyer for a dental practice is a well-organized flyer specifically designed for dental professionals who need to advance their business. Portraying a cheerful atmosphere with grinning people in the photograph gives an inviting inclination. With this design, people are urged to reap the benefits of your services. Besides, the decision to go with green as the design’s prevailing color further drives the inviting part of the flyer. Download this impressive flyer design now!

Dental Equipment Seller Resume

Effectively feature your experience in sales and advertising with this editable template. The satisfying turquoise and white shading range and a blend of various sans-serif textual styles will set you up as a warm and pleasant professional before any employing supervisor even peruses an expression of your resume. Get this today!

Dental Clinic Business Card

This dental center themed card reflects your service’s feature as it contains various symbols like animation figures of a tooth, needle, and so forth. Its mint green shading gives the entire card a fresh and inviting feeling. Contact data is accessible on the back and is not difficult to peruse with its straightforward textual style. Get it now through download.

Dental Hygienist Business Card

TemplateMonkey designed this business card layout with splendid green and blue accents to be soothing and charming, especially for individuals who dread dental specialists. With a logo that shows a fascinating grin and a shading range that is both brilliant and relieving, this card can calm even the most restless patients on National Dentist’s Day this year. Get it today and make it yours!

Orthodontics Business Card

With firm business card plans, Orthodontics Clinics can connect better with clients. The brilliant cyan background and the striking textual styles utilized in the plan makes the template look bold and vivid. The front of the card features the clinic’s name, next to an astonishing tooth logo in white. Then at the back of the card features the user’s name, which is written in huge lettering. Grab this format today!

Contemporary Designs

Don’t like a plain and simple design for your templates? Check out these Contemporary design templates that you can use for National Dentist’s Day! These layouts are intended to give a present-day vibe while utilizing a minimalist style to help your information stand out and draw in potential patients.

Modern Dental Clinic Voucher

Vouchers can help draw in patients to your dental center’s administrations. In case you’re searching for a striking design, this voucher is a great pick. It highlights a tooth design on one side, which alludes to what the coupon is. Meanwhile, the opposite side is where the strong textual style portrays the discount rate, voucher information, and facility information. Blending the strong textual style with the black and white shades further gives it a striking look and makes it simple to peruse. Give this voucher a shot today!

Modern Dentist Business Card

Wavy designs and shades of blue and green appeals to pictures associated with oral care. Furthermore, this Dental Services business card is crafted to enable easy recognition and affiliation. The utilization of a logo appealing to a tooth’s picture further binds the design’s affiliation with the oral care industry. The design also used serif-type textual styles to improve the professional look of the business card. Download this now!

Health Researcher Info Card

This business card has a quieting look intended to address the benevolent idea of the services you offer. The simple yet stunning design that incorporates crosses adds to the new look of the card. The small writings used in this layout makes it simple to peruse for your clients. And to edit this template offline, click on the download button below.

To explore a variety of other templates with designs for specific events, visit TemplateMonkey right now and check out our free and premium templates!

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