Valentine’s Day 2021: Themed Templates for Every Purpose

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Whether you and your significant other are planning a fancy night out in an elegant restaurant or just looking to curl up in your PJ’s at home with pizza and Netflix, it doesn’t matter! Because it’s been said that the most fabulous Valentine’s Day possible is spending time together. Not that it’s bad to give and receive presents on Valentine’s, but for a few people, expressing their love and adoration with a grand gesture on Valentine’s holds a little pressure on them. Others trust it’s the small things that count.

Whatever you choose to do on Valentine’s Day this year, you can never go wrong with a stunning sweet Valentine’s Day card! Whether it’s for your small business or your friends and loved ones! 

Why Templates Are Your Best Choice

Designing a Valentine’s Day invitation card may be a little knotty for someone who’s not very skilled in arts and crafts, as it would likely take time and focus on what designs you’d like to make. But giving out the perfect Valentine’s Day cards either to promote your business or to invite family and friends for a Valentine’s Day party at home needs to be thought out well! Cards can be costly these days, especially in this time of the pandemic, and you’ll need to buy a lot of those, especially if it’s for your small business.

So if you’re not the artistic type, and you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money just for Valentine’s Day cards, how about considering using editable Valentine’s Day templates? Sounds easier, right? Not only is this more convenient for you, but you can also integrate what design you would like instead of having to purchase costly ready-made Valentine’s Day designs, or paying for a professional designer. And besides, editable Valentine’s Day templates are less costly, sometimes free, and more personalized.

Before diving into the fun part, you’ll need to consider what kind of design you would like for your Valentine’s Day templates, and what message you would like to convey.

Valentine’s Day Messages

Some time ago, when you needed to create a valentine for everybody in your class, writing ‘Happy Valentine’s!’, signing your name multiple times, and possibly taping on a heart-shaped cardboard was sufficient enough. But personalized messages are more sincere especially if it comes from the heart!

Below are some introductory phrases that you can use for your Valentine’s Day templates.

For friends and loved ones:

Now that we’ve grown older, our peers got a little shorter, and we can take more time to add a significant personal message to our Valentine’s day cards.

See the following samples: 

  • Wishing the best, most joyful day to my gorgeous Valentine
  • Today is a special day, and I hope you feel the amount of love I have for you
  • True love is making someone happy. Thank you for being my happy pill.
  • Every day and every way, you will always be my forever Valentine.
  • Cheers to a Valentine’s Day brimming with great food, exquisite wine, and good friends!

For your business customers:

An extraordinary Valentine’s day advertising campaign can never go wrong with an outstanding catchphrase that clients will fall in love with!

See below samples:

  • This year’s Valentine’s Day, get your gorgeous darling what they desire at the perfect cost!
  • At long last! Valentine’s Day has finally arrived…why not give them what their heart wants?
  • Enjoy sweet savings with our Valentine’s Day deals!
  • Celebrate with your loved one this Valentine’s Day…show them your love and affection by giving a memorable present
  • This year’s Valentine’s Day is sweeter with all of these love deals!

Creative Designs for Valentine’s Day

You don’t need to stress about what designs you’d like because there are many templates to choose from on TemplateMonkey. Picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day template has never been this easy! 

Below are some sample designs that you can incorporate for your Valentine’s day invitation cards.

Flower Power

Floral patterns immediately translate as romantic in everyone’s minds. That’s why they’re a powerful design tool for the most romantic holiday of the year, with themed templates like these:

Classic Wedding Invitation

What’s sweeter than a wedding celebration on Valentine’s Day? An equally romantic invitation card with floral designs! This can certainly catch the attention of your family, friends, and loved ones!

With a green and white theme and a touch of flowers on its edges, this invitation card is perfect for your romantic big day! The elements incorporated in the invitation card also represent love and romance. They likewise complement admirably with the simple-to-understand text styles. Everything makes an exemplary wedding look perfect for Valentine’s!

Floral Valentine’s Day Voucher

On the other hand, this second editable beautiful template is designed with a perfect blossom from various ends on its front and back. The flower’s tones make the design more vibrant and use an intense yet exquisite text content for a more elegant design complement. It also has a round green figure that complements the blossom’s leaves’ color, perfect for adding your store’s promotion.

Pink Restaurant Promo Voucher

There’s simply something so enduringly sentimental and elegant about a delicate shade of pink. For our third editable template, we have another floral-themed design for your business, perfect for catching a customer’s heart! With romantic pink tones and edges designed with rose petals, this just makes the template have a stylish vibe. The typeface is also easy to read because of its intense and highlighted writings that makes the design stand out. 

Clean & Simple

A clean and simple template can make everyone swoon! It doesn’t always have to be flowery to make your design look romantic. People also fall in love with minimalist designs, so check out our clean and simple Valentine’s Day templates below!

Sweet Engagement Invitation

If your big day falls on the most loving day of the year, then what’s better than handing out the perfect Valentine’s Day-themed invitations? This stunning design added with some paint brushed tones of pink indicates love and romance for your big day!

Clean Valentine’s Day Voucher

This voucher template is minimal and straightforward, and the design is without a doubt a perfect complement for this romantic holiday! Designed with red hearts surrounding most of its edges on a white background makes the design look stunning. But even more romantic with a bright red section for you to write your business’s promotion details. The typestyle includes classic boldface to match the holiday vibes perfectly!

Fashion Discount Gift Voucher

This is another plain yet gorgeous romantic day template perfect for your special events! This template is designed with a gift box, complemented with shades of red for its background, along with various shapes that resemble hearts to represent the event’s theme.

Valentine’s Day Event Flyer

What’s more exciting than a Valentine’s mall event? A group of lovers attending! This flyer template is designed to expand your occasion’s publicity, especially on the most loving day of the year! The template design includes an overcast pink sky that signifies the romantic event, with beautiful heart-shaped balloons. The red script font is perfect for your event’s name to make it stand out to couples, with clean, simple details right below it that come in a Serif lettering. We guarantee that this flyer’s design will captivate anyone’s attention and make them check out the event immediately!

Modern-Day Romance

Meeting someone online is just as romantic as meeting a life-long partner the old fashioned way! It’s called the charm of modern-day romance. In a digital age like today, online dating sites and applications are easier to use and meet with people if you don’t like going to coffee shops or libraries. 

Love Nest Dating App Logo

Switch up and enjoy a Valentine’s themed logo for your online dating application! This logo template is designed specifically for dating applications and is brimming with stunning vectors to keep your business running. If you want to enhance the logo, jazz it up using your editing software to expand your brand’s quality.

Online Dating Site Logo

Take dating to the next level! This logo template is perfect for your startup online dating site, and it perfectly matches the holiday’s vibes, specially crafted with its heart and pulse design. What makes it more elegant is its good background colors that complement the minimalist layout. The classic typeface also makes the brand stand out.

Be Creative With TemplateMonkey!

Always remember that choosing the perfect Valentine’s Day template is important. Remember to know your design and message beforehand. With the help of TemplateMonkey, you can have access to a vast selection of editable templates that you can use for your invitation cards, flyers, and even vouchers! Each template introduces an impressive design appropriate for numerous themes.

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