Logo Design Costs: The Real Numbers

A logo is an essential aspect of any brand’s identity because it’s often the first thing a prospective buyer sees, and it’s necessary to select one that sticks out from the crowd. However, how much should a logo design set you back? You should assess the logo design costs against the value and quality you will receive, just as you should with any other business expense.

Employing a professional designer or design company ensures that your finalized logo design is unique and conveys your brand’s message. There is a range of logo design price ranges and packages, just like any other service, and it’s crucial to know what you’re getting – or not getting – for your investment. 

If you’re a small business owner who wants to know the truth of how expensive custom logos can be, read on, and we’ll walk you through the real numbers of logo design costs.

What Does A Logo Really Cost?

If you want to take your successful business to the next level this year, a great logo design will help you turn your business idea into a profitable enterprise.

Which poses the question: what are the logo design costs? The cost of a logo can range from $2 to $2500+, with various alternatives in between, depending on whether you design it yourself or hire a graphic designer or firm. Two mid-range possibilities are purchasing a logo from an online logo creator (beginning at $20) or a design crowdsourcing platform (starting at $99).

However, the truth is that a slew of factors go into determining how much your logo design will cost. Here’s what you should know before you decide on a logo design.

Designing Logo Process

Creating a logo, whether with or without the help of others, is a multi-step process that might include research, discussions, sketching, and various design concepts.

That’s why customized logo packages can vary significantly in terms of not only price—from free to a few thousand dollars—but also the amount of time and work required to complete the task. Before we get started, take a moment to consider how you’ll use that logo throughout platforms and branded applications.

The cost of a reasonable logo design begins at $100

A simple logo design should set you back around $100. A logo with a well-defined company name and trademark is an example of a simple design. Logos with intricate designs and complicated writing may be more expensive. The final product should be clear, distinct, and professional.

Simple can mean different things to different people, which is why it’s crucial to select a designer who collaborates with their clients throughout the design process. If you give an expert designer clear directions, they will be able to generate excellent work. 

Simple truth: At this price range, the designer should give at least two ideas and two rounds of revisions if the customer requires them.

A $400 to $700 starting price is appropriate for an intermediate design

Expect to spend $400 for a logo design with elaborate patterns and typefaces, which costs twice as much as a minimalist design. Extras like up to 10 original logo ideas to choose from and limitless adjustments till you’re happy with the results usually come with a larger price tag.

Personalized designs for business cards, brochures, and letterheads are also available from a respected firm. Expect at least three concepts for each kind of stationery.

With creative expertise and additional design services, spending more gets you more bang for your dollars. For your print and web branding needs, expect a professional logo preserved in a range of formats.

Designing a complex logo might cost up to $1,000

It’s time to elevate your game if you’ve been in the company for a while and are ready to invest in a personalized logo for the long haul. You may find a team of devoted designers with the knowledge and skills to build a dynamic, unique logo with just the perfect balance of forms, colors, and typeface for well over $1,000. You’ll also benefit from a higher level of specialized branding services that necessitate art direction and heavy workloads at the drawing board.

Another alternative for getting your logo made is to hire a professional design or marketing agency, which generally offers a whole branding package as part of the price. Design agencies frequently conduct marketing strategy and competitor analysis to see how your brand might stand out positively. Agencies employ creative teams, and they will approach your project from all perspectives, assuring detailed work that’s backward compatible.

One of the most significant barriers to engaging a design agency is, of course, the cost. Brand identification packages (which include a logo) with a firm start at around $10,000, which is often out of reach for small businesses. Furthermore, not all government agencies are made equal. You should make your inquiry into their work, approach, and client happiness, just like you would if you were employing a freelance designer.

Bottom line: This expense typically results in more detailed, complex logos with customized artwork and the appropriate style and feel for your company.

How Can You Tell If What You’re Paying For Is Worth It?

One of your most significant assets is the brand identity of your company – everything visible about your brand. Consistent branding is also the most effective strategy to develop solid consumer ties. As a result, you should think of your designs as a long-standing investment across all channels.

However, design firms and agencies frequently charge tens of thousands of dollars for their services. Furthermore, for only $5, you can simply find a novice designer who will construct a generic layout from a template!

Finding the middle ground that would provide you with a great, unique logo design or other forms of design at a fair budget might be difficult with such a large pricing range. Here are some key features to look for when purchasing logo design services:

  1. Design with a personal touch and a focus on your brand. Look for designers or design companies that specialize in creating one-of-a-kind, original designs that complement your brand.
  2. Process of Collaboration. The method of design is a team effort. Any price is too high if the designer refuses to produce proofs for your approval or make modifications based on your suggestions.
  3. IP Protection. Stock art and templates make trademarking and securing your design difficult. You risk your company to future lawsuits if you don’t have a distinct brand identity. Any price is too high if the designer or design firm does not have a system in place to protect intellectual rights and transfer ownership to you.
  4. The Final Deliverables. The design files you take home are referred to as final deliverables in the design industry. You should get high-resolution and low-resolution files for each design, which are ideal for both digital and printable use.

Cost-Effective Logo Designs For Your Business

Maybe you’re just getting started and don’t have a significant marketing budget. Or perhaps you need a quick branding solution for a one-time event or celebration. In that event, a ready-to-use, editable logo template will come in handy! If you’re throwing a one-time event, you won’t need to spend a lot of time and money to see results. Without the upfront costs of hiring a team of designers, a customizable logo design template from TemplateMonkey can help raise your brand awareness.

With so many free and premium logo design templates to choose from, you’ll be able to choose one that meets both your needs and your budget.

A Well-Designed Logo Helps Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd

Customers will recognize your business if you have a good logo. The most crucial function of a logo is to assist consumers and potential customers in identifying your business. As a result, the most effective logos are straightforward and memorable. Logos should be distinctive to be easily recognized. Your company’s logo should bring attention to its products and/or services. Logos not only indicate what your business does or represents, but they also attract attention. People remember great logos.

It is all about the connections. People will easily know your brand if they link a certain symbol or typeface with it, no matter where they are. People will not notice and recognize your brand if it has a generic logo that resembles dozens of other businesses.

If you’re not using standard templates, one of the best features is that it can only be linked to you. It makes no difference if another company is comparable to yours. Your logos must be distinct. As a result, you get a chance to produce an unforgettable first impression. Your logo will significantly impact the first impression your company makes.

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