These days, your digital blueprint is everything; it’s no more about how you look on paper, now it’s about how you look online because that’s where all the eyes are! So whether you’re promoting yourself, your business, a product or service, the tools you use to create your outlook online will determine the kind of results you get!

With Template Monkey’s ready-made templates for resumes, business cards, logos, flyers, vouchers, and much more, you can put your best foot forward where it matters. Expect to get unique designs that not only appeal to clients and recruiters but also convey your brand’s message in a way that your audience can connect with.

Our team of expert designers and writers have put painstaking effort into creating visuals that don’t sacrifice functionality or aesthetics, but use both in a delicate balance that just...works! For a wide range of industries, from fashion designers to programmers and even florists, Template Monkey has tailormade, ready-to-use template designs for everyone! All you have to do is edit to fit your needs, which will only take a few minutes. Thanks to our templates, you would have finished a task in minutes that would otherwise have taken you a few days and cost a couple of bucks.

We, at Template Monkey, want you to focus on the other stuff- so we’ve done all the work on your behalf, or well, most of it. You don’t have to fiddle with complicated design software or struggle with writer’s block to add conversive copy to your design. We’ve taken the time and researched to create all of those details for you, or at least give you helpful pointers to what kind of text should be included in what design.

We’re like digital make-up artists, and we aim to give your digital outlook a full makeover.

Free Ready-Made Logo Templates

Your logo is your brand’s representation everywhere, and it’s an essential design tool for distinguishing your brand from many others. Our free logo templates library is an expansive array of unique logos that can help you represent your brand with the appropriate colors, textures, and fonts.

Free Ready-Made Business Card Templates

Business cards are not outdated, as many people think. Promoting your business with a card is a vital way to capture the attention of specific prospects and help you remain in their memories long after your first meeting. They also increase credibility and help your business look professional and legitimate. Template Monkey’s library of free business card templates takes it a step further, using contemporary designs to create business cards that stand out and help your business do the same.

Free Ready-Made Resume Templates

Are you looking for the perfect resume to land your dream job? Our free resume templateslibrary has over 1000+ resume templates pre-written for different professions. Are you stuck trying to figure out the best words to describe yourself in your profile? Don’t worry, Template Monkey has got that covered. Need to beef your job experience section with clear bullet points? We’ve got that covered too! Whether your preferences are minimalist, modern, creative, or colorful, we’ve got professional resumes that fit every bill.

Free Ready-Made Flyer Templates

Increase your brand awareness with flyers from Template Monkey’s free flyer templates library. They’re pre-written and intuitively designed to grab attention and hold it. Scroll through our diverse collection of flyers already tailormade for various businesses and events, and customize one to suit your needs in a few easy steps!

Free Ready-Made Invitation Card Templates

Are you planning an event? Template Monkey has the best invitation cards to help you get the word out in style. You can worry about other things because with our templates, you have the hard part locked down. If you wrote it on your to-do list, you can go ahead, cross it off, and down a glass of wine to relax. All you have to do is pick one that works best for you, although we have so many beautiful options that choosing only one may be a task in itself.

Free Ready-Made Brochure Templates

Are you looking for informative brochure templates that help you do the job of educating the public about your business and its services? Our brochure templates are designed to look appealing even if they’re text-heavy. Select one that best suits your business and its needs and get started with increasing awareness for your brand today!

Free Ready-Made Voucher Templates

Strengthen client relationships and customer loyalty with our ready-to-use voucher templates for gifts and discounts! They’re designed to convey the message that you’re looking out for your clients and poised to serve them the best deals, but they also do the work of increasing subconscious or emotional awareness for your brand.

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