How A Small Business Can Use Tiktok

What began as a way to share short, often amusing films has grown to become one of the most popular social networking platforms. The rise of TikTok as a popular social media platform also creates an opportunity for startup businesses, who are seeing unexpected results from getting a foothold on the app. 

TikTok brands itself as the “go-to” app for short-form mobile video. The social media platform had 800 million active users since around October 2019 and is rapidly growing, with average users browsing the app over 8 times per day. It’s very popular among teenagers. However, it is gradually gaining a large user base. As a result, businesses that want to develop viral video content and interact with customers online should consider using it as a marketing tool. Before you use TikTok for advertising your business, here’s what you need to learn.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok videos are usually 15-60 second clips that can be formatted in almost any way. Many involve lip-syncing as well as dancing to trending music, and some are more original and creative. You can find everything on TikTok, from helpful advice to funny anecdotes.

Marketing On TikTok For A Small Business

Many people think TikTok’s rapid growth is since it focuses on entertainment instead of just lifestyle. It’s also so simple to use that almost anyone can easily create amazing content and ultimately go viral with it. 

TikTok, on the other hand, isn’t simply for teenagers or adults in their early thirties. Around 20% of users are 40-50 years old, and more individuals are signing up every day. Whatever service you offer, there are people on the platform who will appreciate—and pay—for the work and service you provide. 

TikTok has a dedicated section in the platform devoted to supporting businesses promoting themselves, called Tiktok for Business. Organizations may use the social media platform to enhance participation by using engaging polls and hashtag challenges. Companies can likewise use advertising to expand their target group.

TikTok is far less expensive than Facebook and Instagram when it comes to paid ads. It’s simple to make ads appear organic in the app, which results in higher engagement because ads appear less corporate. You can target ads based on location, age, and interest using TikTok for Business. Split testing can also be used to determine which ad types are most effective.

How Can Small Businesses Utilize TikTok?

Organizations can either utilize TikTok’s ad platform or develop video content that naturally draws attention. TikTok ads are featured in the app between videos and are frequently creative and formatted similarly to ordinary TikTok videos. There are, however, alternative forms available.

Whatever alternative you choose, you’ll almost certainly need to create unique short content to stand out on the platform. Many businesses may even use a mixture of organic and paid video posts.

TikTok Ideas For A Small Business

TikTok is a dynamically engaging video social networking platform that you can utilize to attract the clients you’re looking for. Here are some suggestions you may use to market your brand:

1. TikTok hashtag challenge

On TikTok, there is now a slew of hashtag challenges that you can use to promote your small business. When a user invites others to create and share a particular type of content and then tags them with a specialized hashtag, this is known as a hashtag challenge.

Many of these trending challenges also involve dance choreography as well as lip-syncing. Brands can either join current challenges or start their own.

2. Organize and curate user-generated content

While making your short videos is a great method to promote your company and raise brand recognition on TikTok, you can also use your clients’ content. Here’s where hashtags come into play once more. Make a hashtag for your organization and encourage your clients to use it whenever they publish something about your products and services on TikTok. A paid hashtag challenge is another great option!

As a result, prospects will discover about your business through the most effective marketing vehicle available: viva voce. Let’s assume a prospect views a TikTok video in which a customer wears your designer dress; they’ll want to know more about those garments by following your company’s hashtag. This could lead to them purchasing any of your items as an outcome of a TikTok video.

3. Make entertaining content

Since you understand now that TikTok is about creativity and fun, it is ideal for making fun, creative content of your own. One of the simplest and most affordable ways to advertise your business on TikTok is to create your fun and specific content. Plus, one of TikTok’s biggest advantages is that you don’t have to make highly professional videos. Simply take out your smartphone and begin recording! 

While quirky videos are widely known on TikTok, don’t try to make an obscene meme if that isn’t your company’s style. Maintain a simple approach. If your company tries and fails to create a popular meme, a cheerful video showcasing your products and services will appear more genuine.

4. Collaborate with TikTok influencers

Influencers who specialize in TikTok may not be well-known today, but they will be soon, and you may collaborate with them to expand your reach on the site. Anything that resembles a traditional advertisement is usually frowned upon by millennials. Collaborating with TikTok influencers can therefore be highly beneficial in terms of connecting with that generation of users. 

To get the most out of TikTok influencer marketing, keep in mind the influencer’s target demographic is the same as yours. You can check for online tools that can help you search for the TikTok profiles, search for mentions of other businesses, the most prevalent languages spoken by an influencer’s audience, and more to identify the appropriate influencer for your brand.

5. Introduce your team

Introducing your team is another great way to promote your brand. Simply approach different employees from the team and show what they work on during the everyday life of your small business operations. This would help you and your consumers create more trust by bringing the company down to a more human level.

6. Product demonstrations

Demonstrate how consumers can use your product in your TikTok videos. A furniture firm, for instance, may demonstrate how simple it is to assemble their products. Alternatively, a gaming company can demonstrate its product in action.

7. Transformation videos

You could show a video transformation based on your item or brand in this type of Tiktok video. A cosmetic business, for instance, may demonstrate a rapid face transformation using their products.

8. Relaxing videos

Not all TikTok videos have to be humorous or satirical. Some folks like to unwind by watching peaceful videos. An artist, for instance, could exhibit a close-up of themselves combining colors or a closer look of their brush on canvas.

9. Captivating stories

TikTok is ideal for you to showcase any fast facts or insights that set your company apart. To demonstrate your dedication to your community, it might be as easy as saying, “Here’s the company dog” or “Here’s the team conducting a cleanup in the roadway.” Essentially, it boils down to narrating micro-stories to your target group.

10. Song parodies

TikTok is known for its music videos. You can make videos solely for enjoyment purposes. Alternatively, you might alter the wording to make them more suitable and meaningful to your brand.

Advertising Strategies On TikTok For A Small Business

If creating original content isn’t working or something you don’t want to do, you can advertise instead. Here are some alternatives for you:

1. Paid Hashtag Challenge Ad

You can establish a hashtag challenge for this type of campaign. Then you may pay to have it highlighted on TikTok’s For You Page, increasing the likelihood that users will see it and interact.

2. In-Feed Native Ad

Native adverts show in users’ feeds and seem like ordinary TikTok videos. These advertisements are identical to those found on other platforms, and they create a seamless experience.

3. Brand Takeovers Ad

These are the visuals that appear when users start the TikTok app for the first time. They flash for a few seconds to selected folks before redirecting them to a personalized landing page.

4. TopView Ad

TopView advertisements, like Brand Takeover ads, show full-screen visuals and can link to a landing website. They do, however, pop up on the For You page rather than on the first page when they open the app.

5. Branded Effect Ad

TikTok has various effects that users can apply in their uploads, such as stickers, lenses, and filters. By integrating their own branded graphics into these packs, a company can turn them into ads. Other users, for instance, might be able to use a sticker with your corporate logo brand in it.


TikTok is the ideal platform for small businesses to promote themselves for free to tens of thousands of potential customers. It is easy to use, and the application is free for everyone!

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