About Us

About Us

Design isn’t for everyone. Some people may find it complicated, or perhaps confusing to create designs from scratch. Quite understandable, since there are many variables to consider when designing. A few to note are art direction and balance. Apart from this, it also takes much time and even money to arrive at the perfect design.

TemplateMonkey understands this reality and recognizes that not everyone has the time nor budget for such endeavors. Hence, the creation of the site, where we offer solace in the form of readily available design templates.

These templates are created by the finest hands of professional designers, with the thought of providing templates that are detailed and can fit any user and context. While there are similarities in varying templates, each piece can be elevated by the uniqueness of our users.

Having a platform for users to launch off allows them to create stunning designs despite not having much experience in the field.

Users can make use of our platform to find templates for various types of documents such as resumes, business cards, invitations, flyers, logos, vouchers, and the like. Furthermore, our collection houses varying styles and designs for those with a preferred taste. One can even explore the different style types such as “Minimalism,” “Photography,” “Bohemian,” and more.

Whether an individual is working on a presentation, business advertisement, or a school project, they may find the perfect resource at Template Monkey.

The process of searching for the perfect design can allow a better understanding of how a brand should be perceived. This process enables an individual to learn a few tips on designing, which can add to their knowledge for future references. And Template Monkey shall achieve this by assisting in constructing and visualizing an individual’s ideas quickly and effortlessly transforming them into reality.

Our Vision

Template Monkey believes that anyone is capable of creating beautiful designs and layouts. We see a future where individuals can exercise their untapped potential in design through our easy and accessible platform that showcases our wide variety of templates.

We see a generation full of artists in which, by attempting to create stunning content, one can also learn from colleagues through feedback and collaboration. And together, they may reach their full potential through excellent visual communication. Finally, we strive for a future in which our users can proudly display their content through unique and artistic layouts despite having little experience.

Our Mission

Template Monkey would like to become a tool that allows people who are inexperienced in design to explore the world of visual communication through our platform.

We can be the stepping stone in an individual’s journey to achieving their dream in design and layout. Template Monkey is here to assist an individual, from constructing an idea to visualizing the look and style. Until finally, we would like to help that individual turn their ideas into reality with the convenience of a few clicks of a button.

We want to participate in changing the way of learning and creating designs through accessible means by using Template Monkey.