The Best Engagement Card Templates for 2021

You’ve popped the Big Question, and your partner gave the sweetest “Yes!” you’ve ever heard in your life. A toast to you for getting engaged! Festivities aren’t over, though, and there really isn’t any time to rest since coming up is what’s sure to be an unforgettable wedding journey kickstarted by an engagement party. Here is where the engagement card comes in, a component as important as other matters in engagement party planning.

Everyone knows no party is ever complete without friends and family by your side, so you’ll need to send them a memo that serves to announce your upcoming matrimony, spread the party details, and incite excitement all in one go.

Designing an invitation card is no easy feat. Still, given the invitation card’s role in your wedding journey, it only makes sense that you work to acquire the perfect look for the occasion. Don’t know where to start? Consider using editable invite templates to make the process easier. This way, you can incorporate your vision into the design without having to pay the premium price for a professional designer’s services. 

But before you can get to the exciting part, you first need to note the written details that typically come in engagement party cards. Settling this information beforehand will also make it easy to layout your invitation card later on. Without further ado, let’s discuss what should go on your engagement party invitation.


The Not-Quite Grapevine

Many soon-to-be-weds fail to realize the importance of a well-worded announcement. Don’t be like them. While the standard “You are invited to…” works just fine, there are many other phrases that can draw attention to your name and your partner’s and the fact that you’re about to tie the knot.

See the following:

  • Spring is here… Wedding bells are near…
  • Let us celebrate the soon-to-be husband and wife…
  • A toast to the happy couple! Help us celebrate…
  • Introducing the future Mr. and Mrs. …
  • Honor the soon-to-wed couple with your presence…

Aside from the introductory phrase and your names, you also need to include the date and time for guests to mark on their calendars. The venue and location address is also a must, alongside directions on how to get there if needed.

Is parking an issue that needs to be addressed? Is it complimentary? Mention details related to it in fine print to clarify to guests.

Another matter worth bringing up in the invitation is the host. If someone else is hosting the party, it’d be a nice gesture to honor them by including their name on the invitation. A “Hosted by…” is simple yet straight to the point.

If you want your engagement party to exude a certain feel, then you may need to set a dress code, which is also worth bringing up with guests through the invitation card. 

Finally, don’t let your engagement party planning go to waste by not including RSVP details on the card. Setting a final reservation date ahead of time can also help you gauge if you need to make adjustments on pax sizes. 

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The (Figurative) Carrier Doves

You can safely go ahead and shop for an engagement card template once you have finalized the details of the event. Here at TemplateMonkey, we offer a wide array of selections, with each template presenting a unique design fitted for various themes.

Below are some of the best engagement card templates that the catalog has to offer. 

Stop and Smell the Roses

Natural elements, particularly flowers, are often used in romantic occasions, more so at engagement parties and weddings, due to their historical link with romance.

This charming invitation card mixes flowers’ elegance with the amorous symbol of the color pink. Delicate floral vines surround a circular shape that perfectly frames the names written in a cursive font. Event details are written in a simpler typeface, creating a nice contrast made more visible by the green shade used for written information. Pairing this with a peach or green envelope completes the delicate, natural look. 

Meanwhile, the second editable invite template proves that floral invitations need not be over-the-top. (But they still can be if that’s your style!) The plain beige background makes the perfect base for the simple, bold fonts depicting every detail of the event, bar from the announcement phrase, which comes in a script font. Two pink tulips are placed at the sides, acting as a dainty frame for the invitation. Pink accents are also present in the design to complement the flowers. 

Sometimes less is indeed more, but there are times when more is also more, and this ideal results in stunning designs that are as unforgettable as the parties to come. Take a look at this exquisite floral invitation, which offers blue and gold watercolor elements in the form of a faint background and floral borders. 

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Structure is established in the design thanks to the geometric frame surrounding the names and the announcement phrase. A gray section at the bottom of the design helps to isolate event details. This editable invitation template uses a mix of classic fonts and cursive to complete the dressy design. 

Using bright colors to convey the celebration to come is also an excellent way of rousing guests for the party. For example, this yellow monotone editable invitation template adds a touch of daintiness to the design with the flowers in the background, but all eyes are on the event details, all of which are written in a neat typeface that comes in black. 

This section’s final invitation card offers a look that achieves a sharp balance between minimalism and elegance. The plain gray background allows the vibrant pink flowers to shine on the card. For easy organization, the invitation also comes with geometric frames that provide ample free space to separate certain details. You can better showcase the names with the pink frame found at the center of the design. A formal typeface helps note the party’s details to finish up the design. 

Butter ‘Em Up

Let’s face it; engagement parties are as much about the celebration as it is about the food and drinks menu. Guests enjoy good food in the presence of good people, so what better way to invite them than with invitation cards that offer a bite of what’s to come?

Say you decided to adopt a BBQ-theme or menu while engagement party planning, then this editable invite template is most suited for the celebration. The straightforward layout has two divisions, with the left side dedicated to a photo of a food spread that represents the theme. On the other hand, the right side offers a two-toned background and geometric frames that highlight the decorative font the party details come in. Using a light and dark color palette in this design effectively brings out its charm. 

Aside from photo-centric invitations, you can also use a design with a pattern often associated with the theme. For BBQs and picnics, a gingham tablecloth is typically used. That works toward making this invitation card a simple yet eye-catching choice for the party. 

The overall red theme conveys the passion of love, while the red and yellow gingham print hints at the scrumptious menu. The vast free space at the center of the design allows for plenty of organization, especially when paired with the various bold typefaces that come with the template. 

Another consideration for casual parties is the use of graphics to represent key event details. This engagement party invitation card presents a youthful, comic look thanks to the decorative fonts and BBQ-themed graphics present throughout the design. A glance at the fire and guests will surely feel excited at the prospect of attending the party. 

To add structure to the fun look, the designer also included thin borders and angled frames. This helps create distinctions between specific party details. 

All That Glitters

Gold, much like the precious metal itself, symbolizes love and passion. So, it’s really no surprise why it often features in wedding and engagement party planning.

Another interesting fact about the color gold is that it’s associated with opulence and class. If you want to make a statement about your elegant engagement party, then a gold invitation design is the way to go.

This design is one example. It’s one of the simplest, too, featuring a monochromatic gold design, white accents, and vast amounts of free space. Combining the three elements with the various neat typefaces creates a look that exudes classiness, which is also easy for guests to read through. 

Next up is perhaps one of the best engagement card templates in the entire selection. The marble background, gold accents, and striking script font work together to craft a luxurious look perfect for any engagement party. The best part about this template is the simple yet eye-catching graphic of two rings, a symbolic representation of the upcoming union with your beloved. 

Closing off this chapter, keep in mind that choosing an invitation card template doesn’t mean the design process is finished. There are several other ways to personalize your chosen invite template. Consider the material you want to use for print, or even the envelope that the card will come in. Others even include additions, such as scents or miniature gifts, to help build up excitement for the party.

If you ever find yourself at a loss, don’t fret. Take your time, and perhaps consult with your partner to make the entire wedding journey a joint effort.

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