15 Easy-to-Edit Funeral Brochure Templates for Memorial Services

Make internment services more special by handing out a funeral brochure. When one’s life comes to an end, it’s natural to feel sad. While the sadness looms, try to remember the good times with your late loved one. And with that, the best way to honor one’s life is to celebrate the good memories shared with the departed person. One way of doing this is by holding a funeral service. 

This blog entry tells you all you need to know about funeral brochure templates, so keep reading and spot our collection of ready-made and customizable templates you can pick out.

What Are Funeral Brochures?

A funeral brochure is a printed material that contains information about the deceased person. They are handed out during interment services and share details regarding the service itself. While they usually come in tri-fold formats, bi-fold options are also available for use.

Template Monkey has a catalog of ready-made and customizable funeral brochure templates. If you don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at these designs and choose which one is the best fit.

1. Solemn Funeral Brochure

This template is the best place to start your search for ready-made funeral brochures. It’s perfect if you want to keep up with the ceremony’s solemn and sacred nature. Blue has a calming effect, which is appropriate for this type of event. Carefully curated images enhance its overall appearance.

2. Pink Funeral Service Brochure

Pink is the color of compassion and love—two qualities that immediately come into mind as you remember your dearly departed loved one. Floral details add freshness and delicateness. They also bring some joy and reduce negative feelings, making guests feel a little less sad as soon as they receive the brochure. This template is great if you want a design that radiates a fair amount of optimism.

3. Serene Colorful Funeral Brochure

If you want something more calming and spiritual, this template is right up your alley. 

Cyan adds cleanliness while maintaining the solemn vibes. The communion symbol reminds guests and visitors of the ceremony’s spiritual aspects. Remember, funerals are also a religious affair, so it’s best to pick a design that reflects that.

4. Vivid Funeral Parlor Brochure

This powerful and striking template will surely make a mark on any guest. The first page features an aged hand placed on some fur, radiating empathy and setting the tone for this funeral brochure template. White adds contrast to the dark blue primary color scheme and enhances the sensitive atmosphere.

5. Simple Funeral Service Brochure

There’s nothing wrong with sticking to basic concepts. If you prefer something simpler without all the fancy details, this fuss-free brochure is the one for you. This tri-fold template is set on a clean white background. The pink flower makes this document extra heartfelt, while the photographs add a personal touch.

6. Blue Interment Brochure

Safe and neutral colors are your best choices if you’re unsure which hues to pick out. Here’s a brochure that makes use of the classic blue and white pairing. Together, the two colors create a look that’s clean, calming, and peaceful. Blue borders add cohesion, tying the whole template together.

7. Memorial Service Brochure

This premium template is equal parts solemn and sophisticated. If you want a template that has the best of both qualities, give this one a try. Black and white is a timeless combination that outlasts any trend. If you prefer a hassle-free and effortless look, give this brochure a try.

8. Black & Gold Funeral Brochure

Do you want something fancy for your design? This black & gold funeral brochure does the trick. 

Deep dark black is the perfect match for metallic gold. A cloudy gray backdrop serves as the backdrop for this stylish and practical template. While this template looks fancy, it isn’t excessively luxurious in appearance, given funerals’ nature.

9. Vintage Funeral Brochure

Get a little old school with this vintage-themed template. Rich brown gives it an aged look while emitting comforting and homey vibes. The dome shape is a nice break from the usual rectangular graphics and gives it a more formal look. Flowers give it a pop of color, as well as adding solemnity.

10. Classic Funeral Brochure

They say that simplicity is often the best form of sophistication. This saying rings true, even for brochures. 

This classic template has all the essentials down on lock: a clean layout, a minimalist design, and easy-to-read typefaces. Red fonts and black footers emphasize essential details and add some contrast to the white background.

11. White Funeral Program Brochure

White is a great canvas that pairs well with almost every color. Its versatility is the reason it serves as the perfect background for this funeral program brochure.

Navy and yellow accents bring seriousness and brightness, respectively, giving this template a balanced look. Their angular shapes give peoples’ eyes something to follow by adding direction and movement.

12. Classy Funeral Home Brochure

While funeral services are a personal affair, remember to keep things tasteful. You can pull off elegance without overdoing things, remember? 

This classy brochure doesn’t stray from the ceremony’s essence through its simple yet stylish appearance. Tan and cream create a rustic finish without being a distraction to the written content.

13. Grey Memorial Brochure

Who says monochromatic color schemes equate to boring designs? They can be just as great as colorful graphics. This memorial brochure shows how stylish monochrome themes are by using various grey shades, keeping things fresh. Circles are a great alternative to squares, adding smoothness and elegance to this modern template.

14. Simple Funeral Homes Brochure

If you want to add freshness and harmony to your design, add a few touches of green. This simple brochure makes use of this soothing color.

Soft tones complement the green nicely, while the flowers give it an extra personal touch. If you want a functional funeral brochure that’s easy on the eyes, this template is your best bet.

15. Chic Funeral Program Brochure

Rounding out this list is this stylish funeral brochure that embodies form and function. Peach is a calming color that sets the tone for a positive atmosphere without being overwhelming, making it the perfect background choice. The tan accents show that you can pair two neutral tones together without resulting in something boring.

How to Edit Funeral Brochures

Even if you’re using templates, you have to follow these three editing rules. 

One, don’t forget to include the essentials (names, dates, locations, etc.). One way of following this rule is to stick to the basic outline observed in every design. While you don’t have to follow everything to a T, use it as a guide to avoid confusion and hassle. 

Two, remember to keep your loved one’s tastes in mind. Feel free to ask family and friends about his or her preferences if you don’t have much information.

Lastly, be mindful when customizing your designs. You want to keep things as respectful as possible, so always remember the sensitive nature of funeral ceremonies when making your design choices. 

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