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The modern era has seen the gradual growth of our marketing tool repertoire. Among all our options, the flyer is the most cost-effective choice in the roster. Flyers are also very accessible and customizable. Regardless of industry, we can use flyers to spread our businesses, events, and causes.

Luckily for you, TemplateMonkey offers a catalog filled with hundreds of flyer templates available for use. There is a flyer template for every industry, celebration, and even design taste. Users only need to find a flyer template that suits them best, edit in specific details, and they're good to go.

Why Flyers?

Why should you choose flyers as a means of spreading information about your business or event? Despite the emergence of digital means of spreading the word, flyers remain an essential and intangible way of reaching target audiences. Here’s why they’re so beneficial as part of a marketing repertoire:

Low Cost

Creating websites, running photo and video advertisements, and launching social media campaigns are a few marketing strategies that have already proven their worth. However, as effective as they may be, not everybody can afford them. Here is where flyers come in.

As previously mentioned, flyers are some of the best low-cost options for spreading the word. A single design is all that is needed before the campaign can proceed. It's also possible to run multiple designs at once, which is especially helpful for businesses that wish to promote their numerous offerings.

High Impact

Compared to offline marketing models like billboards and other advertising spaces, flyers have a wider reach.

With the proper flyer template, we can successfully spread the news about our campaigns on a larger scale. Not only that, but individuals who keep our flyers can indirectly help our campaign as well, especially if they post it in a place where friends and families can see the flyers.

Easy to Personalize

Flyers are like blank canvases. We can do just about anything when designing flyers—provided, of course, that the final output still looks impressive and isn't too overwhelming. The design isn't the only aspect that we can get creative with. The layout plus the choice of material for printing also offers countless possibilities.

Depending on our design or the flyer template, most flyers come in A4 or A5 double printed paper. However, you can also opt for a folded finish or even die-cut flyers for an added bit of flair to the final product.


Growing our businesses need not begin online. With flyers, we can work on our local community first, before spreading out to the areas surrounding it. This is made possible by the tangibility offered by flyers.

People are attracted to beautiful things they can touch, which means that a flyer design or template that is refined and properly represents our brand is one of the best ways to get our names or causes out there.