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Choosing the right logo can make or break your branding. It’s a significant part of any business identity and can help prospects and leads learn more about you before you say a word. Template Monkey has a wide variety of logo templates that are optimized for various industries and niches so that you can find the best one for you. All templates are available in PSD, Illustrator, and Word formats.

How to Pick the Right Logo Template Design

Because of how many logo templates are available on Template Monkey, it may be hard to settle on the best template for your needs. Here are some simple ways to assess whether a template is a right fit for your business:

Choose the logo style and design that fits your brand

Logos can come in different design styles, so knowing how to differentiate the styles, as well as their different advantages, can help you immensely.

  • Logotypes

    Logotypes use a distinct font to make the brand name the focus of a logo. Think of Google or Intel, where the name of the business is also the logo. Logotypes are a great choice for businesses with interesting or unique names, as they can make the name much more memorable.

  • Lettermarks

    For businesses with long names, lettermark logos are a great way to simplify your brand image. Not only will it help prospective customers remember your name better, but the short lettermark logo will look chic on marketing material - think of CNN, YSL, or HBO!

  • Logo symbols

    If you want an icon to represent your brand instead, logo symbols are the way to go. Logo symbols can help a customer get an idea of what your brand is about; for example, choosing a logo of a flower for a spa tells customers that your business is about beauty and organic wellness.

  • Mascots

    Mascot logos are a great way to add a face to your business, and it can make your brand fun and more accessible. While mascots can certainly work in any industry, those looking for esports or gaming logos will love our range of mascot logos.

  • Emblems

    Emblem logos are an easy way to make your brand look more sophisticated and classy. That’s why they’re a popular logo style for schools and academic institutions. But they can also work great in other industries; think of Starbucks and their iconic emblem logo!

Select the right font style

Font styles are an integral part of any great logo, and they can dictate the tone of a logo. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the font style and how it shapes your brand. If you’re new to choosing fonts, here are some best practices:

  • - If you’re not sure about what you want from a font, stick to minimal and simple styles. Not only will they look modern and fresh, but they can also help eliminate visual clutter from your logo.

  • - If you have a competitor with a distinctive font style, stay far away from it. The last thing you want to do when establishing your brand is to make yourself blend in.

  • - Choose one font style or two complementary font styles. Choosing multiple font styles is a quick way to make your logo messy and dated, so stick to a maximum of 2 font styles for maximum effect.

  • - Stay away from trendy fonts. You’re building a lasting brand, not a trend that will go out of style.

Play around with multiple templates

If you still can’t decide on a logo template, make a shortlist of your favorite designs and play around with them. Try placing them on business card templates or on test brochures to see how they look. Ask target customers what they would gravitate towards, or enlist family members to help you make the choice.

Whatever you settle on, Template Monkey is here to make your logo journey smooth and convenient.