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At their core, posters are blank canvases that we can use to convey whatever message we wish to share. They stand firm against the test of the time, still being one of the most cost-effective marketing forms to this day.

Designing posters can be time-consuming and, at worst, challenging to get right. Fortunately, TemplateMonkey has stepped up to the plate and eased the burden of design by providing hundreds of poster templates. Just take your pick from the catalog and let your creativity shine.

TemplateMonkey offers templates for various industries, businesses, occasions, and causes. Style isn't an issue, either, since the options range from minimalist to dynamic designs.

Essential Information for a Poster

If you're currently shopping for poster templates, don't forget to include the essential information once you've reached the step of personalizing your final choice. This way, you can make the most of your poster and be one step closer to your goal.

Below are some pointers that can help you achieve the perfect poster design.

The Fine Print

Templates help you settle the visual part of poster making, but it's still up to you to revise the content to fit your plans. That said, there are three main components when it comes to the written portion of posters.


The headline is essentially your attractor, written in the largest text that your poster can accommodate. In most cases, the headline is the title of the event. It can also be the name of a company, celebrant, or product. Some people even use the headline for their slogan.


The details are any information that supports your headline. Typically, they come in the form of answers to W-H questions, such as "What does the audience need to know to do what your poster is asking them to do?"

For example, if you're using a poster as a hiring ad, you'll need to go beyond including your company name and details. The open positions need to be showcased on the design as well. Are you promoting a music festival? Note down acts based on popularity, with the less popular numbers coming in smaller texts.

Mistakes to Avoid When Crafting the Perfect Poster

Templates provide an excellent launching pad into the world of design. Upon purchasing and downloading poster templates, you have free creative reign, which is both good and bad depending on how you look at it.

Bad, cause the freedom to do whatever you want can lead to numerous mistakes along the way. Here are some pointers to keep in mind while you're editing your templates.

Unreadable Text

A poster's primary function is to spread awareness regarding a particular matter, so the poster design needs to be as legible as it is visible in public.

You can accomplish such a feat by using clean and simple fonts that come in large sizes. Another option is to use contrasting colors that not only draw the gaze but hold it as well.

Imbalanced Design

Poster design is all about striking a balance. Too many elements can confuse your target audience, and too little can lead to people disregarding your poster.

This isn't to say you can't opt for specific styles, like minimalism. Minimalist posters have a vast amount of whitespace, yes, but they're still effective with the right typeface and color choices.

Puzzling Format

As you're deciding on styles, it's imperative to note the written content, too. Posters serve to inform, yes, but it wouldn't do you good to put in too many details on your template alongside the call to action.

Take note of the Headline-Detail dynamic. Choose only one headline, like the event, and include only the necessary information supporting said headline. For example, a Business Summit headline would only need details for who, what, when, and where.