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Ready-Made Voucher Templates

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Pulling in customers has never been easier than with the help of our ready-to-print voucher templates. One of the benefits of choosing a Template Monkey Voucher Template is that you have the option to download and customize it in your preferred editing format. You will have full creative control, whether you want to edit it in Word, PSD, or illustrator.

Vouchers work like magic when it comes to creating customer loyalty in businesses. Save yourself from the trouble of creating your voucher from scratch and browse from our vast library of ready-to-use templates today.

How to Choose A Voucher Template

  1. Know the type of voucher you need

    Template Monkey has a wide and growing range of premade vouchers for almost any purpose and occasion. Not sure what you need? These are the most common types of vouchers:

    • Sale and discounted promotion vouchers

      Discount and sale vouchers are a great way to drive interest in your business. Make sure you capture people's attention by using a clear and beautifully-designed template!

    • Gift vouchers

      Gift vouchers are a piece of paper you can use to buy goods and services at a specific shop. It states a certain amount that entitles the person to exchange the document for goods and services. They make for great gifts and prizes for customers.

    • Accounting Variations

      Receipt Vouchers

      There are two types: the cash receipt voucher and the bank receipt voucher. Typically, these vouchers provide a receipt after a business establishment received payment in cash or cheque. In other words, it is a document to confirm payment after a business transaction.

      Payment Vouchers

      These are vouchers that are used to record payments. There are also two payment vouchers types. The first is a cash payment voucher for recording cash payments, and the second is a cheque payment voucher to indicate cheque payment transactions.

      The difference between receipt and payment voucher is that payment vouchers will be issued before the payment. Meanwhile, the receipt voucher is used after the payment.

      Transfer Voucher

      Transfer vouchers are also called non-cash or journal vouchers. These are used for non-cash transactions and documentary purposes for business transactions.

      Supporting Vouchers

      These vouchers are the documentary evidence of transactions that have happened.

  2. Select the right design.

    Pick a voucher design that is well-organized and clutter-free to avoid confusing recipients. Choose colors that correspond to your brand, or just choose the popular colors in your industry to make things more personal.

    Your goal is to keep it simple so that anyone can understand, yet attractive enough to steal attention and spark interest in your customers. Besides choosing the right color, you can also select a vertical orientation layout instead of a horizontal design.

Template Monkey Vouchers FAQs

What are the types of vouchers available on Template Monkey?

  • Since Template Monkey has a rapidly expanding library of templates, it offers the three types of vouchers mentioned earlier: sales and discount promotion vouchers, gift vouchers, and accounting vouchers in a variety of styles and designs.

What types of designs should be expected from Template Monkey's Collection?

  • Template Monkey voucher templates are professionally-designed by our team of creative designers so that you can expect a variety of simple to glamourous ones.