13 Takeout Menu Templates to Spice Up Your Business

Everybody loves takeout and delivery. These food options are especially sought after now, when the pandemic has everyone staying home most days poring over one takeout menu after another.

With that said, the days may seem dreary and monotonous, but the hustle persists for the food and service industry. The sudden rise in popularity of takeout food means competition is steep, so restaurateurs must do everything to stand out. Offering mouthwatering dishes is a given, but we also need to market them in an eye-catching manner. In this case, a takeout menu design is in order.

Takeout menus differ from regular menus in that they’re shorter and more condensed. Often, they come in the form of single sheets or brochures to make it easy for the public to carry them around or tack them on a wall or their refrigerator door.

If hiring a designer isn’t plausible, design templates are an excellent alternative. Below, we explore different takeout menu templates for various restaurant types and specialty cuisines.

1. Warm Food Truck Menu

If you’re looking for an excellent takeout menu template for your food truck, then this might be the right menu for you. It features a color scheme with warm tones with dark brown as its accent colors.

The sectioning of categories on this menu is neat and clean, making it easily readable. And finally, the main highlight of this template is the graphics that feature the great outdoors and a food truck. This takeout menu template is perfect for people who need their food on the go.

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2. Vibrant Yellow Menu

This one is an eye-catching yellow takeout menu template. It features a striking yellow color scheme, which can quickly catch your customer’s attention, especially if they’re in a rush.

Another feature that makes this a great takeout menu template is the menu items’ layout despite being initially designed for a restaurant menu. It is divided into neat borders with rounded edges and a simple white background, making it easily readable. With all the brightness of this design, customers will be looking through your menu in no time.

3. Classic Menu Template

If your takeout menu restaurant has a more classic yet minimalist theme, then this might be the template you’re looking for. It features a simple color scheme with white background and yellow accent colors in different shades that adds to its overall simplistic theme.

Aside from this, the menu template has its categories written in neat columns and rows with equal spaces in between. It also features a more classic style with its serif fonts. Finally, this menu template’s layout is perfect for takeout restaurants that have many items on their menu.

4. Compelling Burger Menu

The best thing about takeout is that it’s quick and easy. Just glance at the menu, get your order and go! Those quick steps can be made possible with this compelling burger menu. It features a red color scheme, and you can fill in the background with images of your menu items.

The menu items are designed with a white background and sans serif fonts to contrast the loud background. This takeout menu template is perfect for those restaurants with limited items that only require a quick glance to order.

5. Monochromatic Burger Joint Menu

Perhaps your burger joint has a more monochromatic, artistic theme. If so, then this Monochrome Burger Joint Menu is one to try out. It features a solid black background with white text.

What makes this takeout menu template interesting is its chalk-like elements used in both the text and art images. The chalk texture is also used as a white smudge effect as headers for the menu categories making everything easily readable. This simple yet artful design can surely attract customers.

6. Pink Burger Joint Menu

Give your customers a throwback vibe with this retro-modern Pink Burger Joint takeout menu template. Most solid backgrounds stick to the warmer or neutral colors when it comes to menus; however, this template features a solid, eye-catching vibrant pink.

The color scheme gives off a retro vibe, and it pairs nicely with the rest of the design that features modern elements. Instead of the thick serif font face usually seen in retro themes, this layout uses thin and clean capitalized fonts. The sections on this menu are also neatly divided by only using line breaks. With the unusual wash of pink and its other minimalist elements, this takeout menu template becomes an attractive design to catch your customer’s attention.

7. Warm Mexican Restaurant Menu

Takeout foods aren’t limited to burgers and sandwiches. Let’s not forget our favorite Mexican foods! Burritos, tacos, and nachos deserve a good takeout menu template, and this Warm Mexican Restaurant Menu might be perfect for it.

This template features a lot of Mexican elements. It has a top and bottom border made with a strip of tribal patterns and a sombrero mustache graphic logo next to the restaurant’s name. The color scheme used in the text is also a mix of red and green to fit the Mexican theme. Tie in your Mexican cuisine with this themed takeout menu template.

8. Chic Pizza Menu

If your restaurant features artisan Pizza fusions with limited options, then you might want to try this Chic Pizza Menu. It features many graphic illustrations of the different kinds of pizzas available on the menu. These images are also placed above the background with a warm-toned beige and peach color scheme. Lastly, the highlight of this design is the menu item’s layout.

The sections are smartly divided into two using the two solid backgrounds. The menu’s limited items, along with the several pizza graphic illustrations, can entice customers to try your mouth-watering pizzas.

9. Fun Sandwich Place Menu

Sandwiches are always fun, and this Fun Sandwich Place Menu template surely captures that essence. It features a striking color scheme with vivid reds, black and yellow accents, and pink tints. To match the variety of colors on this menu, it also features a fun mix of dramatic, bold, capitalized fonts.

With most of the layout dedicated to the template’s artistic elements, it leaves limited space for menu sections and items. So make sure to handpick the bestselling sandwiches! The fun features on this takeout menu template can surely make ordering sandwiches exciting even when on the go.

10. Cute Pink Bakeshop Menu

Everyone always wants one last sugary treat for their own to take home, and this Cute Bakeshop Menu can make ordering takeout food just as sweet. This menu template offers a cozy color scheme with muted pinks, beige backgrounds, and light brown accents.

The fonts are clean and use a light brown color, making a soft contrast against the background. But what makes the whole design adorable is the cute and dainty graphic illustration of pastries found at the bottom of the menu. Encourage your customers with one more sweet treat with this adorable pastry takeout menu.

11. Chic Bistro Menu

Allow your customers to take home with them a taste of their experience at your bistro with this Chic Bistro Menu template. It features a light pastel color scheme with different shades of peach along with pink and blue accent colors. But what certainly gives this template its unique and exciting edge is its vertical typography found on one side of the menu written in a bold, lowercase, serif font face.

With the wash of pink and interesting layout, this takeout menu template is undoubtedly different from other designs.

12. Noodle Restaurant Menu

Another kind of food that provides comfort when eaten at home are noodles. With this Noodle Restaurant menu template, you’ll be able to entice your customers to have their noodles to go. It features a simple and cozy color scheme with its soft peach background and dark brown accents.

Along with this, the layout also features images of the restaurant’s bestselling bowls. And if takeout is the way to go, then the designated box for contact details found at the bottom of the menu will definitely help. Let your customers bring home their favorite comfort food with this noodle takeout menu template.

13. Modern Japanese Food Menu

Take the traditional Japanese cuisine and add a modern twist to it with this takeout menu template. This template features a simple yet appealing design, even with just a solid dark blue background. What makes it striking is the menu items and graphic illustrations written and drawn in bright orange and white.

The contrasting colors allow these details to pop out and become easily readable by customers. Finally, the art images drawn in chalk-like texture give this menu a certain modern edge. Encourage your customers to try something new on your takeout menu with this Modern Japanese template.

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