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Everything You Need to Know About Great Ticket Design

For a lot of people, a ticket is simply a means of gaining access to an event. Others, on the other hand, see it as something more. People save tickets for various reasons, such as a remembrance of a favorite concert, a successful game, or becoming part of a school night event. The concept of a great ticket design is a challenge for every designer. This is because its goal is to increase people’s enthusiasm for the event while also creating such a fantastic design that they won’t throw it away the second the event is over. However, since the canvas is so limited, creating a simple and appealing ticket is often a measure of how well the golden ratio can be used.

A great ticket design not only conveys information about your event, advertisement, or other promotion but also increases the exposure of your brand or messaging. Rather than treating your tickets as a mere entry fare, use TemplateMonkey to turn them into an opportunity to attract and impress your guests. We make the design process enjoyable and straightforward even for amateur designers by providing a wide range of templates to choose from and unlimited customization options.

15 Examples of Excellent Ticket Designs

If you need a concert ticket template, a ticket highlighting pictures, or even a ticket design you can post on the web, we have the ideal layouts for you! Check out 15 great ticket design samples that you can use below:

1. Blue Music Concert Ticket

If you’re planning on an exciting music concert, this template is perfect for concert tickets. This great ticket design highlights a dark blue backdrop, with vibrant volume bars adorning the left-hand corner of the design.

The text is written in plain, bold lettering to make the information easily readable. The seat number portion on the ticket allows ticket holders to navigate the concert hall quickly.

2. Bold Concert Ticket

A great ticket design makes a concert experience even more memorable, especially if the performances are just as good. Because of its distinctive color options, this bold concert ticket attracts attention naturally.

Black and red are two natural attention-getters that are sure to pique people’s interest. The use of gold and white elements adds sophistication and elegance to the layout. This is the ticket for you if you want something practical and eye-catching. 

3. Pink Concert Ticket

Do you want a chic and stylish ticket design for your concert? For a vibrant and eye-catching look, this template uses a pink color scheme.

The key design feature is rich text, with the artist’s name appearing in various colors for a unique element to the style. Each ticket includes a QR code for the convenience of concert attendees. 

4. Eccentric Concert Ticket

On the other end of the spectrum, you can also use this eccentric concert ticket. This concert template features vivid, quirky pink and orange colors that portray fun and excitement.

Several creative fonts also represent the fun and energetic environment in a concert or festival. You may also replace the photo component with an image of the performers. After that, a QR code is placed for a more convenient monitoring experience. 

5. Boy Band Concert Ticket

Do you need help preparing a band concert? To assist you with event planning, use this yellow-themed ticket template. The event’s name and location are shown in red fonts, which stand out perfectly against the bright yellow backdrop.

At the same time, on either side of the design, there are two slots for ticket numbers. You can easily edit this layout in a variety of formats.

6. Summer Safari Party Ticket

Are you looking for something fun to do outdoors? With this safari party ticket, you can take a stroll on the wild side, perfect for summer! Since brown and tan are traditional safari colors, it’s only natural that they’d be used in this template. This great ticket design is made even more enjoyable and festive by the leopard spots. Guests will certainly have a fun time along with this ticket design.

7. Sweet Birthday Party Ticket

For an artistic child’s birthday party, grab this exciting and great ticket design. With all pink text and edges, this ticket will go well with your daughter’s elegant birthday theme. The design is filled with delicious-looking cupcake illustrations, and the quirky text contributes to the design’s sweet and luxurious theme.

Kids and mommies will surely love this beautiful ticket design and make them want to come to your birthday party!

8. Soccer-Themed Party Ticket

Are you planning a football-themed party for watching a game with your friends? Score an awesome hattrick like Leo Messi with this football-themed party ticket! Black is perfectly balanced by neon green flashes, giving this template just the right amount of energy, which is vital in winning football matches.

The stadium lights that light up during evening games are represented by the neon green lines on the tail of the ball. The best part is that you don’t have to wait to get a hold of this template—you can get it right now by downloading it.

9. Simple Rave Party Ticket

If you want people to come to your big event, you’ll need a persuasive ticket. This basic rave party ticket will assist you in completing the task. Purple is a perfect color for this ticket design because it’s bright enough to draw attention without being overpowering. Red accents brighten this design on the right hand.

10. Avant-Garde Party Ticket

Start your party preparations with this cutting-edge party ticket. Because of the excellent color palette, this ticket is a celebration in and of itself. The colors for the scripts are the same as the tones for this spectacular pattern, which adds to the enjoyment. Use this template to build a one-of-a-kind party ticket.

11. Tasty Ice Cream Business Ticket

Give your customers something to gush over in addition to your product when you get a hold of this fantasy ice cream ticket. This design features adorable pastel colors and elegant typefaces that will appeal to children and adults with a kid’s heart.

For a fast-tracking list, the ticket number is also specified in transparent and open areas. Now is the time to get this charming handcrafted ticket for your ice cream shop!

12. Company Anniversary Ticket

Celebrate the golden anniversary of your business with the individuals who supported you to reach this milestone by using this beautifully crafted great ticket design to invite them.

The excellent cursive text style in the features coordinates with the gold tones utilized in the design. These gold tones combine elegantly with the dark tones too. Each side of the ticket has a ticket number for an easier understanding of the attendees. 

13. Social Media Talk Ticket

This social media talk ticket has a versatile and modern design that your audience will love. If you’re hosting a talk or a conference, your tickets must be as interesting as the topics of the event and speakers.

This ticket for a social media talk fits the criteria. The talk’s main agenda is reflected in the vibrant and well-drawn illustrations. The lower section has ample space for input from participants, allowing for a more engaging experience. 

14. Fundraising Campaign Ticket

In fundraising activities, tickets are crucial, so it’s essential to complement the design to suit the campaign’s objective. The color scheme used in this template is motivated by malnutrition awareness campaigns, and the soft, round fonts give the design a visually pleasing yet modest appearance.

For the guests’ convenience, all of the critical information in the counterfoil is specified on the ticket stub; this will also help you monitor their attendance. 

15. Fundraising Banquet Ticket

Nothing compares to the feeling of providing back to your community. This fundraising banquet ticket is as simple as they come, with the food serving as the main visual attraction. For easier understanding, the event specifics are presented in a bold and simple typeface. 

Tickets are stylish and understated, but they’re still a highly effective marketing tool. You can choose from several ticket designs on TemplateMonkey that you can customize to your event’s needs. Sign up for a free account today to see more ticket templates!

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